Vegan 4D Mascara Set

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Ainesey Beauty! We already know why you're here! 
We're happy to announce that our vegan 4D Mascara Set has officially arrived.
You were asking for it and it's finally here Dont hesitate on this fantastic product.

We know you love our natural effect lashes, but what's more natural than our lashes?
Looking for that extra length and curl on your natural lashes? Our mascara got you!

Introducing our long-lasting vegan 4D Mascara Set wich Contains:

1 Black Fiber Long Applicator; use to give a longer-longer effect on your natural lashes
1 Black Mascara Curved Brush Head; waterproof.

Both applicators can be used together!

Up to 14 hours + of use!

 As always, our mascara is WATERPROOF!

Check our photos for the application method!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
So lasting and love the packaging

I love the pink and rose gold aesthetic for the packaging! Both mascaras last very long; i once forgot to take off my mascara with makeup remover took a shower and went to sleep and by morning it had bearly even smudged it was practically intact. Also, either mascara can be used by themselves depending on what you are feeling that day like the fiber gives length and the second one gives them more of a curl. I will say tho it takes a bit of practice to be able to take them out of the box easily, i know its so they don't fall out of the box when you open it but they are pretty difficult to take out.

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