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Professional Dual Eyelashes Tool Box (Black Edition)

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Brought to you by Ainesey Beauty our NEW Professional Dual Eyelash Extensions Toolbox (Black Edition) will complete your eyelash collection. For every need, there is a solution, and as every company sells each tool separately we decide to make our All-in-one complete toolbox that has everything you need to take care of your lashes, From cutting, applying, curl to simply brushing or taking them off. It also comes with our incredible Dual Eyebrows Tweezers with Eyebrow Brush Comb

Lash Tool Box includes:

  1. BlacScissors. For getting that exact trimming on Lashes
  2. Black Dual EyebrowsTwezzers with Eyebrow Brush Comb: Keep and maintain stray brow hairs away with these double-Eyebrow tweezers 
  3. Black Dual Eyelash Extension Tweezers with Eyelash Brush: Tired of struggling to put on your eyelashes? with our High-Precision dual eyelash tweezer&Brush your life has never been this easier when applying eyelashes!
  4. Black Eyelash Curler this easy-to-use tool is essential for shaping lashes to new heights, curl and boost your lashes with this amazing tool.

***All of our tools are stainless steel***


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