"HI gorgeous welcome! Before anything we want to thank you for taking  time and interest to learn more about us and our story. My name is Yesenia Lopez, Founder of Ainesey Beauty. I love makeup since I was a child but living in Mexico I hardly had money to purchase any makeup, when my family and I moved in to San Antonio, Texas. At around 2016 I started to wear makeup and lashes more often and I totally fell in love with eyelashes but I was never fully satisfied with the products. I was very selective because wanted to look good but be comfortable. So I became with the idea of selling them for my friends that way I could try and have more lashes for myself too. In 2017 last year of high school I met my husband Victor Ortiz, co-founder of AINESEY BEAUTY.
In 2021 I shared my idea of selling eyelashes with my husband and he said, "let's do it, I got you, when do we start?". He gave me about $$$ for my first large investment and we started our journey, that is when we started selling eyelashes.
By the time we were still in college for 6 months I fell in depression it was the hardest time for us. My husband encouraged me to get into beauty school and that was my light in the darkness. After one year of meeting so many beautiful supporters when selling at local pop-up events, restaurants, door to door, at work, in college, friends we decided to take a next step. We decided it was time to brand our business and share it on social media that is when AINESEY BEAUTY first born..
In 2022 we worked very hard everyday to create our online store first launched in October 1st. Today we continue working hard on our social media to meet you and more beautiful people to know us and our story with the intention to persuade to follow your dreams and encourage you to be the boss you are.
Remember to follow your dreams and unleash your inner artist. Always trust in the process and fall in love with it because the process is the magic of your achievements. 
We started this cosmetic brand with only 10 different styles of eyelashes, today we count with more than 80 different styles to choose from including our magic glue pen eyeliner to easily put on your lashes and more products you will love!
Do not be afraid and go crazy with a style. Each product we bring to our brand is carefully selected for you. We love you and want that our customers feel satisfied with their purchase".