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Stackable neon eyeshadows

Stacked Neon Pigment Eyeshadow

Stacked Neon Pigment Eyeshadow

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Get ready for a colorful club night with our new super pigmented NEON Eyeshadows from our Butterfly Effect Collection
With nine different neon colors to choose from, you can make any look you can imagine.  Get wild with it and don't forget to tag us on your story!
-Super Bright colors
-Under blacklight, it will give a glowing effect look
-Super Pigmented, you will only need a few taps!
-Can be used as Graphic Eyeliners.
Our stack of 7 NEON Eyeshadow includes Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Purple.




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Neon Liquid Eyeliners

Ainesey Beauty

Neon Liquid Eyeliners

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"unleash your inner artist and take it beyond your dreams"

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